Wednesday, February 12, 2014


      Yep. That is actually all I have to say. Towels. this picture below speaks for itself so need I say anything at all? This towel rack was from the bachelor pad Ben lived with before we were married and it has come in good use. A place to put towels is always useful. But this one was ugly. Nowhere to hang the wet ones meant that we just draped them over the dry ones, sometimes three or four at a time and that was dumb since the dry ones were wet now too. Worse was that they would sometimes fall onto the toilet and i am surprised  they haven't ever fallen IN! Gross to think about..  

I wanted this problem fixed and so I took measurements of the blank wall and decided on a placement for the new rack I would soon be making. Soon as in, buy three hooks i liked on sale for $3.50 but i needed five so i had to wait for more and for the next 50% off sale making it about a four week wait there. plus i couldn't seem to find small enough screws. Hobby Lobby doesn't provide the screws so i had to go to home depot twice becasue the first time they were still too large. 
Awe! It's like the sun is shining in there with the rack gone. Even though it doesn't have a window, the natural light is able to bounce off the mirror when the door is open.

The artwork is simple for now. The artist? I had them done by Logan. A Little hard to see in the pics but this one is his favorite. He is learning to draw circles and this one is his best attempt at them haha. Whenever he has a potty break from his back breaking job (mommy's breaking back) of being a two year old, then he pauses for a sec to admire it. The frames are just from the dollar store for how much? One dolla each!

Logan thought it was funny that i was standing in the tub to take pictures and thought he would join me.
There it is. simple and neat. Towels hang whether they are wet or dry. Its also nice when the door is open you don't see them at all. I prefer to keep the door closed since the bathroom is happily situated right in the middle of the house with the door opening to the living room/kitchen area. Yeah i don't know who's idea it is to always put a bathroom right in the open like you're two and still announcing you "have to go potty!" because everyone knows when you do... awkward pause when the toilets flushes anyone?

On a happier note, Harper is now seven months old! Yes time flies, and not just because i forgot to post her six month photo. i have it, just haven't gotten the right sd card in the computer right now. woops.

i noticed that she is looking more like Logan but definitely more bald and more wiggly than he was at this age. She is also still toothless where Logan Had his first tooth at six months on the day, she still has yet to get one. But i am all happy with that since she is still nursing.  

Side notes:
  • Logan's room just might be getting a new bed. Big boy bed is in the planning phase. 
  • My door, now turned bed is now at the shop just waiting for stain and assembly. I can't wait!
  • I am learning more about woodworking and techniques for renewing old pieces.
  • Logan is Learning to count and say his ABC's
  • Harper is learning to crawl. Ha! Part army crawl, pushup and a dive at the end! Logan jumps up and down to clap saying "Baby crawled!" 
Well that's all for now! i will be posting soon one the bed and some things i learned to make the process easier.

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