Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Envy Table Legs

        Legs are important you know. When it comes to furniture, I like items that have slender legs. I don't much care for chubby legs. I don't mean to say that EVERYTHING must have legs. Sid from Toy story had the genius idea to add slender legs where none were before.. ha! hilarious. Even though it is not furniture, the idea is the same. As funny as it would look, a fishing pole has no use for legs.

         So lets look at another example, while a sofa doesn't NEED legs, it really does look nicer with legs.

same couch but it has a different look and feel without the feet. But then there are other styles where things just don't have legs and they're preferred that way, such as a Japanese dining room.

     So where is the balance? I honestly don't know, but I like something to have the illusion that is is smaller than it actually so that is can make a space look and feel larger than it really is. Legs or no legs this can be done. but with so many options its hard to know what needs legs and what doesn't. If things are all the same height it would just feel weird. As of right now, the living room is all one height, and that is because there are only two things in there. A couch and a coffee table. There's a rug too but that has zero height so it doesn't count.  So i have plans for the living room. One is to change the rug to something like this one.
This is a Shyrdak rug. All these rugs are hand crafted and no two are exactly the same. It would be nice to have one someday. 

I found this exact side table at a thrift store a bit ago and doesn't it just have such nice legs? Am i weird to envy the legs on a table, i mean look at them, they taper so nicely!

Came close to scoring this from Anthropologie for a killer $20! my hesitation was ill timed... I should have purchased it before browsing the rest of the goods and just made more transactions. GRRR!  However, i do comfort myself that i could easily make it since i already have a lamp kit from IKEA.
Anyway, that is all for now.

Side notes:
  • contemplating whether i should use removable vinyl on the walls since i can't paint.
  • Learning how to use more settings and dad's canon  I Shoot People with My Canon

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