Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Updates on Logan's room

Even though it is pretty slow, Logan's room is coming along quite well i think. His half finished reading corner is looking pretty nice. He loves to read and has taken to his monkey like it's his baby. Reading is the better part of taking care of his "baby" because many wipes have been wasted in blowing it's nose and and washing monkey's dirty hands. But when i say "half finished i just mean the rest of the book shelves because i didn't have enough of the right sized screws. The Main feature is finished. meaning seating.

I made him this beanbag for comfy reading and because seating ideas changed. i am using my Vinnie Rocker in my room for feading the baby. He likes the spot a lot. It is used as monkey's bed for naptime.

just some simple detailing.

the room also has some other things that changed. i found this dreasser on KSL for 15 dollars. Aside from the price, the only thing that sold this dresser for me was the fact that is was real, quality wood underneath. It was made in England and they know what furniture should be made of. If it were anything else it wouldn't have been worth my time even when Logan needed a dresser desperately.


Looking at it now i know it looks pretty similar to the before just with brown, but it is actually stained a very light grey and a very dark walnut color called Jacobean. the brass knobs may or may not stay but they are WAY better than the chunky blue wooden ones.

so far that's all his room has to show until later. Oh and the West Elm rug but that was the easy part.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

World Map

So while i was considering options for Logan's floor area and what kind of rug i wanted i was looking around the world wide web and found the world wide map as a brilliant flooring option. Check it out! Could this NOT be cool anywhere? Library, play room, a classroom even. i remember learning about populations around the world with circles taped to the floor representing all the world and us kids had to crowd on some and spread out on others.... i'm just saying it would be way more awesome learning that if the floor looked like this. 

Anyway, i don't know that i'll be spending the time to make such a rug considering i'm pinched for "craft" time these days.. But if i were awesome i'd come up with something more than geometric shapes for a boys room... This one looked simple enough to make but i don't want a round rug.
but the rectangular one was not quite as cool looking as a real world looking one did.

but i found a west elm one that will work for now. it's the lighter one and though it doesn't have the world or color on it i like it for now and especially the texture. plus the it's neutral for when it becomes a shared room