Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Introducing Harper Lynn

well here she is, the newest addition.

she actually came the same day my chair came so there were two deliveries in one ha! so  i took her newborn pics on it and will continue to do that for her monthly photos which is the very purpose of this chair in the first place

Monday, July 1, 2013

Vinnie Rocker

Well, i did it. i bought the chair i have been wanting for a very long time. Of course Ben was sure to say it was not his idea of a comfy rocker but i convinced him (mostly talking to myself) that it was good enough for me while i fed the baby and that i was buying it with my dollars. I have been saving for a very long time, very long  time. So i was not about to wait any longer. It should arrive Friday according to the shipping calculations but i suspect with the 4th on Thursday it may not arrive until Monday. But it IS on it's way and i am still excited even with the delay. I've already been waiting for "a VERY long time"!
I also plan to pair it with a pouf ottoman because that would be fun for a kids room for lots of reasons.
i thought about continuing the colors i already have but i think this is too much orange and i'd rather go for more textural rather that a colorful one. but i guess it will depend on what i find to make it out of and what looks best. but i must say, it is a lot harder to sew texture than it is to sew with color so i may just have to stick with it. 

this here is the basic floor plan i have. just what is necessary and the rest will be wall hangings and texture and color options. i want a really the big rug in there for reasons of it being a potential disaster area and to lessen the wear on the carpet since we are renting and i don't want too much tread on the most used areas.

it's coming together quite nicely i think. i decided since the baby will be in my room for a while then i'd decide later how to make the two genders co-exist and just make a little nursery corner in my room for now. hopefully i'll have some actual pictures to post next time.