Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Logan is 22 months old today. Later i will be going over to mom's to take his monthly pictures. i found the idea online like most other things i find to like and i am glad i found it. So every month i take him to moms to take his picture in the same chair with relatively the same background(as best as holidays and such can allow) and a white onsie. everything is as the same as i can get to keep his siz and age as the main focal point. when i am done with his 2 year mark i will just do every year after that and create a collage of all his pictures in order.

This is his 10 month photo. ha i can't wait to show all of them in a line up.

I plan on doing this with our next baby but i have learned a few things like and some things i don't. first off, i don't like having to go somewhere else to take his pictures, it's easier to take them when it suits me and the baby and not other people. the other thing is the background that i have no control over in changing. the reason i did it there in the first place was for that reason. So with those and other reasons i decided to do things differently.
First i am getting a smaller chair, one that can fit into a small space and be moved from house to house when we move. then i am going to have a quilt or some other background that i will either make or find that can also be portable.

view exhibit A

Now, Ben was not a fan when i mentioned this chair. Too modern for his tastes i think. I on the other hand love it. Its small and can fit the nursery. It has the portability i want And won't detract from the rest the photo. also, it can be so darling for pictures. I foresee it that way anyway ha! But i will have something like this or similar to it for the monthly pictures. in the mean time these are the quilts i've been deciding on. maybe i'll make them all and decidelater.

love the circles but i'm leaning more towards hexagons.

and as much as i love colorful quilts, for some reason i just really want to do an all white rag quilt in the brick pattern layout. it just sounds cool. and super easy. could whip it up in less than a day i bet.

so yeah, just more ideas.


Thursday, June 13, 2013


So last summer Ben and i got into great shape in prep for a half marathon. November 3rd came all too quickly and i had anxiety about the whole thing. But we made it and ran the Moab half marathon and we were pretty happy with it in the end.

But, my nice new, healthy and toned, shape was short lived. We found out about a month later that a new baby will now be changing things up again. I'm at least happy that i lost the previous baby weight before this one came so i won't have to work off even more after this baby.

Aside from this new change in dress size, i also have to make changes to Logan's room/soon to be nursery. I had already started on colors and patterns for Logan that are very boy and very bold. A theme i pulled from some of his toys. Starting with the navy blue and orange, along with the nice shapes of the blocks, i made a few quilts for his bed. So with that i started his theme of rough and tough, which now will include tractors since they are his favorite.

Logan loves his blankets and everything "meant" for his room so far and so do I. On the other hand... i want something entirely different in every way for our new baby. Having a girl somehow makes everything need to be soft edged, fairy colored, and sparkly. Here i have inspiration boards.

Am i dreaming to think i can mix them and make the work? we shall see once we get a good finish on the furniture that is now in progress. until then i'll have to find the proper balance between the two ha!