Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cribs for the Little Man

So i know that Logan will be the real occupant of the crib but in a way i feel that i am also getting it. haha having a baby is like Christmas every few months. you get to buy them necessary things that are nice looking as well. plus we get to open the packages. but here are our choices so far.
this is the Graco Shelby 4 in 1 we are hoping to get for Logan. the price tag, at the lowest we found it, is $179. Almost pricey but you should see how much many cribs are selling for. And most of all WHERE. this exact one is selling at Kohls and for $320 and others for nearly as much so we found this to be the cheapest after shopping around.

We already opted out of getting one off of KSL.com or ebay because both come to this price anywy and ebey sellers tend to keep their hands on your pocket with rip off shipping. so we figured if we're going to spend this much it might as well be new right?

this one is the Graco Lauren Classic which we also liked and we were thinking of getting. it is $134. but we just like the first one better. also if we get the discount that we are working on we may be spending 15% less on the Graco Shelby. still not as cheap as the Lauren classic though. 

Garage sales would be nice too but Logan is huge and cannot sleep in his tiny craddle any more and garage sales aren't for another four months and with the way the weather is these days it'll be more like five. and after that long he's be going to be a giant and bursting out of his craddle. so we're buying him a bed. YAY!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hand made ornaments that i made for our tree. the "bulbs" are more sparkly than they look in the picture. Dried orange slice with cinnamon sticks thmade my house smell yummy. and frames. the big one is of me when i was six. and the second was supposed to have a family pcture but i never got it printed. it's my plan to have a new family picture on the tree each year.

my christmes stockings i made from an old pillow case and a shower curtain that we weren't using.