Thursday, February 23, 2012



2 lbs chicken breasts diced
1 can of coconut milk or 2 cups regular milk
1 can of manderine oranges or pinapple pieces(i prefer manderines)
2 Tbs brown sugar
2 Tbs curry powder
2 Tbs sweet chili sauce
1 red bell pepper chopped
1/4 onion or green onions chopped
cayenne to taste
fresh cilantro

in frying pan sear chicken and add bell pepper on high heat. when chicken starts to turn white turn down heat to meadium-high. when chicken is almost cooked through, add coconut milk, sugar, curry, chili sauce and cayenne. let simmer for a few minutes. then add manderine oranges with juice into the pan and stir in. when chicken is cooked through and sauce starts to get slightly thicker, it is ready to serve. best served hot on hot rice. top with cilantro(a must)

all seasonings can be added to taste. i add until it tastes right to me.

Butter Naan

i used THIS RECIPE for my butter naans. it can also be done in the oven. i have used both and i have also used a stone cookie sheet and a metal one. stone works better but it's not necessary. i would also suggest playing around with the amount of oil that is added first because is makes all the difference in how it turns out.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Well i wish this were real China because that would be amazing! But it's not. just the best i could come up with in our living room. Ben has been cooped up in his books and studies since he moved to Utah and has been wanting to get out and go somewhere. So i told him i would 'take him around the world". Since we neither have the time nor the funds he thought i was crazy.

but i wasn't. cuz i never meant it in the literal sense. so what i did was i made some paper lanterns from paint chips and staples. made some sushi which by the way is SO cheap and easy to make that you are so getting ripped off if you go to a restaurant for sushi!! jsut an fyi Sushi is not actually Chinese is Japanese but i didn't know that until i did my homework on the subject. i also made some eggdrop soup to start the meal out.  then i made some wontons that i kind of improvised on the filling since i didn't have what she had and they were still delicious. i also made some chow mein (also improvised) and rice bowls with sticky rice which is definately the way to go whenever having jsut plain rice to go with whatever you are having. i improvised though because i bought the wrong vinegar so i just used water and it was just fine. i also used less salt. we only ate with chopsticks and no other utinsels were used.

And last but definitely not least i studied up on all the Chinese history and culture i could before i did this so that i could tell him all about it and tell him cool facts like which dynasty accomplished what and that the average Asian eats 400 lbs of rice a year and things like that. then we were going to watch "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" but we couldn't find it anywhere so we rented something else. 
paper lanterns.

shopsticks and Hong Bao paper

paper lanterns with tea lights in them

wontons and chow mein

fresh sushi made by me

sticky rice with bejieng beef

me and my "Chinese"ness

Logan helped with everything. he was such a good sport.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Sometimes when i was busy and didn't have extra hands to hold Little Man i would stick him on a blanket and he'd play happily until he got hungry or tired. Then he started rolling over and scooting around.
Since Little Man is getting huge with every day and more and more mobile that he can't stay close to his toys i started to stick him in a basket so that he can at least have his toys in reaching distance when he chucks them.

But then he started to move TOO much i and i was getting scared he was going to tip the basket right over. and he'd knock his head on something. so i changed that before it could happen.

So i made an indent in the couch so he couldn't get out or lose his toys. then he'd end up falling asleep there and i didn't even have to put him down for a nap. nice nice(but sad) 

Other naps were usually on my bed which is very high and i have to wrap him up tight so that he won't roll off when he wakes up.

but even at night. he would sleep really well but i would usually find him like this in the morning with the cradle rocking precariously to one side and all he would have to do is do his flip and he'd topple out onto the floor.  

So we ordered a BED!!! so exciting. we finally decided on the Graco Shelby in the capaccino and we really like it a lot! the package came around noon so i waited impatiently for Ben to come home before i opened in. but it was a breeze to set up and we had Logan sleeping in it that very night. 

Logan loved the foam inside and didn't like it when we took it away.

But he loved the crib so much. haha he wakes up in the morning and just looks at it and sometimes if don't even know he's awake because he's happy to jsut lay there and look at it.

i also had to whip up a sheet for the mattress but it only took about 20 minutes and it was all finished.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012


we're teaching Logan to swim. haha it's just hilarious to wach him do it. it's still going to take a few months for him to swim all on his own but we've made super progress and he just loves it. not to mention it will help me get over my fear of him drowning any time.

 he's getting so big!

Friday, February 3, 2012


When Ben and i were dating he took me to one of his favorite restaurants called Taste of Punjab. it is fabulously delicious and it never ceases to make me wonder why i never see anyone there. this whole place is empty everytime i go. which was twice but that's plenty to see how quiet it is. 
their food is very cheap and sooo yummy. but cheap doesn't mean we can just go there every day. SO i found this recipe via Jamie and she called it chicken coconut curry. i however adjusted it a little to my likeing and it now tastes not only better than hers(no offense jamie haha) but it tastes EXACLTY like taste of Punjab's Chicken Coconut Korma.

that to the top left is a butter naan. they come with the mean at Punjab and apparently have a different recipe than the lady on youtube gave me. but still good. and i also think this recipe is better with white rice. not as healthy as brown of course but for the first time i actually missed having white rise. it makes the Korma taste much better.  

this is what a Naan looks like right before we take it out of the oven. it puffs up like a football when it's done and flattens out when you put the butter on it. mmm mmm goooood.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


so my first quilt was somewhat successful. but it was more learning for me than anything. i took note of that and i must say, Quilt No. 2 is definitely better than the first. 
first off, i finished it in no time at all and i knew exactly how to do it. 

 This quilt is for Ben's best friend and his wife. they're having a baby boy and i thought this would be an opportunity to try again. i had originally though of doing a different pattern called the disappearing nine square but i saw the zig zag style and i completely adore it! perfect for a baby boy i think and much more fun than the nine square. i've never done the nine square of course, i just think cuter things are more fun to make.

next up, a nice quilt to replace our drab duvet that always seems to look dead no matter how much i fluff or pull it this way and that way, it just looks like a deflated balloon that is no fun at all. coming to a compromise between mine and Ben's tastes will be the only obstacle haha. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cribs for the Little Man

So i know that Logan will be the real occupant of the crib but in a way i feel that i am also getting it. haha having a baby is like Christmas every few months. you get to buy them necessary things that are nice looking as well. plus we get to open the packages. but here are our choices so far.
this is the Graco Shelby 4 in 1 we are hoping to get for Logan. the price tag, at the lowest we found it, is $179. Almost pricey but you should see how much many cribs are selling for. And most of all WHERE. this exact one is selling at Kohls and for $320 and others for nearly as much so we found this to be the cheapest after shopping around.

We already opted out of getting one off of or ebay because both come to this price anywy and ebey sellers tend to keep their hands on your pocket with rip off shipping. so we figured if we're going to spend this much it might as well be new right?

this one is the Graco Lauren Classic which we also liked and we were thinking of getting. it is $134. but we just like the first one better. also if we get the discount that we are working on we may be spending 15% less on the Graco Shelby. still not as cheap as the Lauren classic though. 

Garage sales would be nice too but Logan is huge and cannot sleep in his tiny craddle any more and garage sales aren't for another four months and with the way the weather is these days it'll be more like five. and after that long he's be going to be a giant and bursting out of his craddle. so we're buying him a bed. YAY!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hand made ornaments that i made for our tree. the "bulbs" are more sparkly than they look in the picture. Dried orange slice with cinnamon sticks thmade my house smell yummy. and frames. the big one is of me when i was six. and the second was supposed to have a family pcture but i never got it printed. it's my plan to have a new family picture on the tree each year.

my christmes stockings i made from an old pillow case and a shower curtain that we weren't using.