Friday, November 4, 2011


One time while garage saling with Wendy she found this really cute hat for her baby. She said she had plenty of hats but this one she couldnt pass up. Lorinda and i told her that it could be made with a sweater if we wanted one. But the question of the pom pom's was the puzzle. I however decided i'd make one and see. 

Camber was getting rid of some clothes and this sweater/jacket was among the unwanted item. Since i was so generously helping her rid all the excess laundry i took it for myself. i knew it didn't fit me. I only wanted it for the hat. I hate how i look and feel in sweaters. 

I cut out the piece for the hat and Sewed it together with my sewing machine. but ifirgot to take a picture. but it was rectangular and folded in half to make the square hat. then i cut another piece and unraveled it to make the pom poms. i actually like the curly way it turned out. kinda cute.

one from before i cut the long pieces and one after.
 I imagine it was somewhat like grooming an afro 

i made a bit of a mess and when i realized what i did without a working vacuum i soon repented and did it over the garbage can. i had to pick up every piece by hand and yarn likes to stick to carpet really well.

here's the hat. in real life it reminds me of a koala bear

i tried it on Little Man but he didn't seen very happy with it. Maybe it's because it is too big for his head.

Took it off and he was happy enough. So i put it back on and he didn't  seem to mind. 
Since it's too big it's a bit floppy but when he grows into it it'll look cuter.. i hope

That is.. if HE agrees. haha he looks like father. Serious scowl there and it's CUTE! 
he's really not mad. he just makes funny faces when he wakes up.