Monday, October 24, 2011


Once, Ben came to the fabric store with me. Only once. But while we were there we picked out some material to make some aprons. I liked the Apron Sarah had made for my mom for her birthday and that was what i wanted. Ben decided he wanted and apron too but didn't want that for him, he wanted a manly one. of course i never planned on making him a girly one with curvy edges haha but it was still funny that he put soo much emphasis on that part. 

Well i was finally able to sew it up. I probably could have had it done in a few hours or maybe even less without a cute little baby to distract me. but this took me two days to make. In short spurts of course but it wasn't finished before 24 waking hours were up. 

Anyway here it is. very manly and completely reversible (that's not really girly but only a girl would think of reversible clothing or aprons haha) 

Ben picked out the colors himself. The first is cinnamon and the other is just regular black 

i'm thinking of putting a cool design on the upper part like a fish bone or a steak to make it even more manly. i just don't know what i want yet

I think i did pretty well this round. Even Little Man was impressed see? Ha ha cute boy.

I had to add one of him just because he's so cute! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


One day while i was at mom's i saw this apple cider jar in the sink. I asked her what is was for and she said she was saving it. I asked her where the lid was and she said it was probably lost. Then i told her that saving it without a lid was pointless. Told her this for two reasons, one was because it IS pointless because it will just sit around like everything else that gets saved and for two, I wanted it haha. She asked why and i told her i wanted to put my pennies in it because my coin cup was getting full and annoying. 

When she finally let me have i pulled the paper off and sort of cleaned it up. it looked like this.
After looking at it every day and getting reminded of it's ugliness i got an idea. Lorinda had some Chalkboard paint and i asked if i could borrow it. This is the project i did with it.

First i had to finish cleaning it off which was harder than i thought. I don't know what kind of glue they used but they obviously didn't want their label coming off because it is STICK-EE! really super boiling hot water couldn't even  get it off. All it did was move the mass of stickiness around the bottle. so i moved it to the side i didn't want and i plan to get some GOO-GONE later to finish the job.

I started taping it off making the design i wanted and came up with this. It's symmetrical but i couldn't get a picture of it where you could tell what it looked like. Anyway, when i was nearly done with the design i desided that i didn't like the design and it was looking dumb. so i made a different design and came up with this one instead. i think i like it better and it's more simple. 

End result? pretty good i think. I know, it's really not necessary to have a chalkable label on my penny bank. And the computer also says that "chalkable isn't a word and yet i still used it. So why not still make a chalkable label on my penny bank? Besides, now i can write a reminder of what i'm saving up for right on my coin jar so that if i want to steal from myself i'll see why those coins are there and keep saving. Or i can write a note or reminder for Ben since that's one of the first things he sees when he gets dressed in the morning. Hey see? It actually does have a good purpose. Not NEEDED but useful :)

all finished and i really like it.

Monday, October 10, 2011


So in the world of busy and baby, there is a tool called a baby carrier. I needed one but didn't have or want to  spend the dollars on it. I did however have some pillowcases that came with our sheets and never used. So from those pillowcases came my baby carrier. ones online cost a good $50-$60 and i am not willing to fork out the dollars for that. At a garage sale a found one for $15. Still wasn't worth it and she wouldn't go down. Yeah Yeah it was expensive to get full price, but lady this is a garage sale you aint selling that at a garage sale for over $10. So i found the price that was in my budget of $0 and that was free. So i bought it. It was such a good deal i couldn't pass it up. I snatched it right off my closet shelf and started unpicking.

Two pollowcases went went from this to my baby carrier in just one day.

so nice and easy to use. obviously easier to use than a camera without getting your finger in the way haha. Even Ben likes it and has used it. I LOVE using it. It's like being pregnant again except i can still bend and breath. My baby agrees too. He falls asleep almost instantly when i put him in and sleeps through everything i do. Dishes, sweeping, mopping, bending over, laundry, you name it. He obviously liked being im my belly. 


There is a downfall to rented homes. You never know who has lived there before you or what diseases they encountered. Not that everyone is diseased of course. No. i just mean that as anything. It could be just a plain chest cold or the flu or the measles or who knows what. That's my point. We simply don't know. The only thing we DO know is how clean they can be. 
In a place such as a bathroom i consider a person as clean as the bathroom they use. Or their dishes as clean as their dishwater etc. Well for an area that is constantly being used and touched with your hands, such as the bathroom faucet and knobs, dictates how clean the rest of your house is. Whatever was on your hands before you washed them is now on your hands after you washed them when you turn off the water. And in the case of  a rented home, whatever was on every other persons hands as well. 
I had such an area. This picture below shows a before and after of the cleaning i had to do. right side is before and left side is the after. Obviously if it doesn't even LOOK clean, it's not clean. at least LOOKING clean gives a better peace of mind.

What i didn't take a picture of was the THICK layer of nasty grime that had obviously accumulated over the years. So long in fact, that the metal under the hard water and skin and dirt particles had dissolved and had been eaten away by all of it.  

right side before, left side after the cleaning
So i amnow proud to say that all of that is no longer existent. OR at Least mostly.  I know that some areas that were difficult to get to still have remnants of past dwellers but i'll have to get a tough cleaner to dissolve that for me because i simply cannot get to it. Even still i feel much better with the end result and can feel like my hands are actually clean when i wash them and i feel good when i'm done cleaning my bathroom because it actually looks clean now.

clean result. shiny even and i can see me and the camera in the end of the tap.

Friday, October 7, 2011


All my life i have made nasty bread. Sometimes i was surprised and made okay or even good bread but usually it turned out not good and was a waste of time and food. But then Ben taught me how to make it yummy.

here's the recipe he found. It's divided into two parts.
first part:
3 C luke warm water
1/4 C sugar or Honey
2 Tbs dry yeast
3 C whole wheat flour
5 C white flour
mix honey and water till dissolved and then add yeast and blend lightly
flour should be very sticky and wet
then add flour one cup at a time until mixed thoroughly and leave 30 minute

after 30 minutes add:
1 tsp salt
4 Tbs or half a stick of butter
start mixing and adding floured to the desired texture. about half a cup at a time.
dough will be sticky at first but add flour slowly so it doesn't become to thick and tough
then cut with a knife into 3 equal parts. it's best to cut instead of tearing so get the closest
to equal parts as possible. roll dough into three loaves and place in greased bread pans.
turn on oven to 350 and place loaves close to heating oven to raise. when dough rises a
half inch above the rims then place in center oven rack and bake for 35 minutes or until
golden brown. when done, remove from oven and butter tops. leave in pans for about a 
minute to make soft crust. if you like harder crusts remove promptly from pans and set on 
cooling rack. then eat and enjoy!

rising dough by the oven while it preheats

finished bread with a fresh hot slice that i ate after the picture. it was good by the wya haha

Thursday, October 6, 2011

So about when i was 6 months round with our little man, i started a quilt for him. I imagined spectacular designs of beautiful quilts of awesomeness. but that's not how it turned out to be. i managed a

n okay one. Which is fine for a beginner. But being a beginner i didn't follow certain rules which, even though you can do what you want, these rules must, and should be followed.

Rule numero one, you can't have two front sides.

R-numero 2 make both sides the SAME SIZE

front side

other front side
the reasons for rules one and two became very clear. They don't line up and when it came time to put the sides together i couldn't because it didn't look nice. I was aleays getting frustrated and stuck in the question of whether to sew by hand or by machine.
by hand?

by machine?
Machine was faster of course but it couldn't do what i wanted it to do because the lines didn't match up on both sides. So i was always getting frustrated and having to unpick and re sew everything over and over again and Ben had to re encourage me so many times and finally i just ignored it and didn't work on it for months. Then we had Logan and it still wasn't finished. So now I ignored it even more because it was supposed to be finished by the time he was born. 

Well i hated having this blanket just bugging me and continually in the back of my mind. So finally i decided that i wouldn't tack the sides together but instead just sew the sides and put the trim around it. So i did. And i liked it. No more unpicking or trying to figure which side should be the ruined side. No more anything. i was done! Yippee! All done and neither side looks like i didn't know what i was doing. Which i didn't but i didn't want it to look that way.

Behold the finished product. 
finished quilt

Monday, October 3, 2011


This is the gift i did for Ben's Birthday. For two weeks i would wait for Ben to leave in the morning and then lock the door and neglect everything in my house except my baby to work on this picture. Ben probably thought i was such a terrible housewife because he always came home to the same mess that he left. but since i couldn't work on it while he was there i chose that time to clean while he did his homework.

Every day that i worked on it i took a picture. except for the days i really didn't do a significant amount that it didn't show any difference in the camera this is actually day two. the first day was just the pencil sketch of everything. no color.

day three

this is just the light color. if i go dark at first i know i'll be sorry because once color is on there it's never coming off so i go light to dark in case i make a mistake it's not so dark and is easier to hide.

close ups of some of the detail. just the beginnings of them anyway.

Then on his birthday i made him a chocolate heath bar cake. he wanted a cake Cara had made a while ago at the bachelor pad but he couldn't tell me how she did it so i did what i could with this. and since i only had some mini bread pans i couldn't make the cake look like cake so i thought i'd do a KIT-KAT BAR cake cuz it was the only shape i could think of that comes from bread pans without looking like bread.

so i mixed, baked and came up with four loaves of burnt looking bread.

made some dark chocolate frosting from scratch that tasted heavenly. i had to resist eating too much when i had to taste to make sure it wasn't too bitter.

then Ben was a dear and chopped up Heath Bars and cut the cake loaves in halfe length wise to put the crushed candy in the middle. tada! so far so good. except it still looked too.. not like KIT-KAT BARS so i shaved the corners off like in the below picture to give it the right look.

Ben loved his cake

i know it's not the most perfect cake or exactly like a real candy bar but it's my first cake okay so give me a break...... haha of tht kit kat bar! haha that's a good one. yeah. whatever anyway next slide.

and he loved his gift. yay! it all paid off. i also got him some socks but i don't need to show those cuz we already know what socks look like.