Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Born Pictures. 4 days old

i can't pick a favortie because they're all just so adorable! haha he has tons of hair in these pictures but he's bald up front now. his head is growing so fast. and what hair he has on back is pretty thin even though it was thick at one time. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home, not so tidy home

right when you first walk in the door you stare at the unsightly laundry room door.
a laundry room that winston calls "the basement laundry room" because aparently his idea of a "basement" is somewhere dark and scary. that's how my laundry roon looks. kinda scary. not dark but its ugly.i don't have a picture of it though. 
on the floor are our pictures that need hanging and my awesome baby carseat that i found at a garage sale and is probably one of the nicest things i've ever gotten from a garage sale. most expensive too. (and very worth it!)

then you see the living room 

more living room and our pile of moving boxes that need to go to the dump or somewehere they are needed.

the couch mom gave us because she is getting nice new ones. and we are happy to have it. the other one went to the bachelor pad where it will live out the rest of it's life. and some homeless items that are stashed into the corner until i can find them some homes.

the kitchen that continues from the living room

much more counter space than our last apartment. about two counter tops more space and i am very happy to have it! counter space is a MUST for anyone that cooks and you don't realize just how nice it is until you don't have it and have to use your stove top as your prep area.

the dining room which i have better plans for. but untill then this is what it's going to look like. 

the bathroom

bedroom. nicely sized. especially compared to the last two.

notice in the corner a random shelf? yeah some weirdo, probably in the cheap hotel building business, got the dumb idea to build a shelf that is just for a television. yaaay... a few books will go there in a weird way. it just sits there as an eye sore like a cobweb that you can't do anything about.
 But the dresser looks nice. Ben's mom gave us. it used to be an ugly peice but then i sanded it down thinking is was wood that i can stain and make pretty except i found that it's not real wood after all. just crapy particle board. so i bought some black paint and now it doesn't look too bad.
there was a tall dresser that matched and i did the same thing to it but we sold it cuz we didn't need it.

walk in closet. very nice to have. large enough to hold our other dresser which adds even more space to our bedroom. the whole left side is all my prized baby finds. stuff that i either got from my baby shower or garage sales. mostly garage sales. 

more inside my closet. not a lot of hanging space so we put up our shower curtain rod but it's not strong enough to hold a lot so we just use it for our towels and to hang a few shirts after they come out of the washer.

our new "Little Man" Logan Seth

me the night i went into labor

born at 7:25AM

since he was born Ben has stared at him in amazement.
it's the best thing too see how much he adores our baby

he's always smiling and his dimples are just so cute i love them!
right here he was actually laughing. haha it's the cutest sound coming from such a tiny baby!

21 1/2 inches long. very long as you can see

One of Ben's favorite onesies. size newborn and a little big on him even though he was 8 lbs 4 oz

mom loves holding him too. she's pretty happy that he inherited her dimples